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cute cottage coach lamps

On one of my multiple visits to the natural Everglades feeling of Lake Okeechobee during June,  I decided to install some purely decorative lanterns on the front of the Cottage Camper.

My neighbor was cleaning outLanternshis garage and found some perfectly sized patio light fixtures he donated to my little project.  They had individual panes of glass that I removed because
–  the glass would probably break from road wear and
–  the lanterns are mostly for “cute factor”
–  the glass has no aesthetic value to add,  and
–  I don’t want to add any extra weight, even tiny glass panes.

I removed the light bulb,  its socket,  solar lanterns charging upand the wiring each came with.
I spray painted them white to match my little camper.
I invested $1.97 in each of the 3 lanterns by purchasing stick-style solar landscape light fixtures at Wally World.
I removed the solar collector,  battery,  and tiny LED bulb off each new fixture.  I covered the solar collector with a piece of tape &
then I spray painted their casing to match:   white.
Then I glued the solar portion to the top of the lantern,
lined up the LED to shine through the top hole where the wiring used to be, IMG_1036and then mounted them to the front panels of the Cottage Camper about one hand’s width down from the trim.

They are adorable in the daytime and they have the tiniest white glow at night.
And the charge lasts til morning! LOL.


I’ve also been working on curtain (sm)sewing some window curtains &
custom upholstering the dinette cushions.  But I think I overworked the sewing machine because it jammed and I had to stop until my son could take it apart & fix what I jammed.




IMG_1039It’s all ready now for my next adventure… I think I’ll go to Orlando area in a couple of weeks to listen to a bluegrass concert by one of my favorite groups.