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The Cottage Camper was born out of necessity and then creativity.  It’s a series of DIY how-to videos for a self-build cargo trailer converted into a self-contained off-grid camper.

The YouTube channel named “Tiny Living” holds all the videos regarding this camper build.   This website is the blog-style counterpart to the YouTube channel.


It started with a 6×10 utility trailer and a dream of Tiny Living in a log cabin in the mountains. In order to transport goods & equipment to the North Carolina mountains from my home in Florida I cheaply & quickly enclosed the trailer to protect the contents from theft and the weather during transport. I chose to make it cute as well as functional. It was made of lightweight and recycled materials because it had to be towed by my little 6 cylinder car.

It was a success, but after selling the cabin I built in the Blue Ridge mountains, I decided to convert the trailer into a usable homemade RV camper. It needed to be remodeled because the I had only built it about 4-5 feet tall, and that is too short to stand up inside.   The ceiling would have to be raised at least a foot taller since I am about 5ft 4in tall.

I decided to document the conversion / remodel/ build on video and share my adventure with you all.

I welcome your comments, questions and input.

Thanks for visiting!

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