cottage camper interior walls

Interior Walls !


The interior walls and ceiling are paneled with wood! Interior end view port sideInterior starboard wall 1









Next I need to attach some shelves & cubbies for all the loose stuff that has no place yet. After that I’ll wire up & mount the interior lights.


Interior table


I did purchase another plastic white tower of drawers, (The photo above shows one as my “pantry”,  one for  odds & ends).   The new tower is also on wheels and it will be  the base for my dining/work table


Once the “stuff” is organized & put away, it won’t look like a gypsy wagon inside any more…  One major obstacle/miracle at a time…
I stopped into Ikea in Orlando on my way home from a bluegrass festival, but even THAT store was out of stock of the 5″ thick mattress I’ve chosen.  Interior Bed 3Online it says they are expected to be in this week (ya, I’ve heard THAT before!) But after the mattress is here, I can cut it into the 3 bench pieces & center table piece and then upholster them in a puppy-proof vinyl, and then I’ll be able to access the under-bed storage compartments which are currently so inconvenient becuz the bed is always in “sleep mode”.


I also put a fabric mat under the sink stand so I can easily slide the sink to Interior sink standanother section of the floor for layout flexibility.

Those white   drawer-towers are lightweight &  on wheels, so sweeping is much easier now, not to mention how convenient the flexibility makes it to maneuver thru the tight quarters throughout the cottage.

I still have to attach a flexible hose to the sink drain so it will never miss the bucket, but after I get “power” I’ll use my little 12v water pump and my “kitchen” will come to life. So I’ll work on getting some shelving in & then soon enough I’ll be able to purchase the batteries & get charged up.

Hope to get the “interior” video posted to my YouTube account soon!

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