Tiny Living vs. Stuff (thoughts)

????    WHY do we want to live tiny   ????

When I sat down to ponder this concept,  I found myself
thinking back to some times when I felt mentally free,
not buried under stuff,   piles of stuff.

The best times are when we’re on vacation.
At my in-laws = they were always generous in spirit & deed.
I never had to worry about STUFF.
I like the freedom of having one suitcase to choose out of,
makes it so simple:  Do I wear this?   or this?    That’s it,
Pick one &   Put it on.    Period.

Also when we visited some minimalist family members …
there was a noticeable absence of clutter.
They had only a few items of clothing each
becuz they chose their favorites & loved them
which means the laundry CAN’T pile up.
There was space in their cupboards,
room in their rooms.
And they only kept the NICE things.
and they USED the things they had.
Put it away  — or —  throw it away.
They let the crap go!    What a concept.
Just keep the nice stuff.
It’s like giving yourself permission to upgrade.
Just keep the stuff you like.  Get rid of the rest.

Another mentally liberating experience is going to our time share.
I liked walking into a “clean slate” environment
(hotel suite  or  town home style space.)
Set it up for a one-week stay.
You really don’t need much, on a daily basis.
Go in,  set up the coffee maker  &  the computer,
fold down the bed, & hide the suitcase in the closet.
I like that feeling.  “Hotel suite”  feeling or “vacation home” feeling.
I can then admire the fine woodwork of the coffee table or mantle, (which I notice becuz it’s not covered with STUFF like at home!)
Just the necessities are showing, put the rest out of sight or
better yet, put it out of the house.
Let’s face it, the REASON for being there is
not to take care of,  clean,  rearrange  &  store      STUFF!
You are then free to go explore the area.   Walk to the pool.  Look at the pretty landscaping. Listen to the birds chirp. …

Then I realized that the “vacation” feeling is why I’ve always liked to look through interior decorators magazines for so many years! It’s the quest for mental freedom from stuff I seek!

Imagine looking around and NOT seeing
“things to do” or
“projects to finish” or
“needs repair”.
Imagine instead,
“Ok, that looks nice.
Now what do I want to do today?”

So now I’m motivated. I just need to spread that vacation-thinking to each one of the rooms in my house and toss out the rest!