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What I did last weekend (April 10-12)

I was at the Dixieland RV park in Waldo, FL for the bluegrass festival that Ernie & Debbie Evans put on just this past weekend.  I drove 6 hours up & 7 hours to get home Sunday.  Ouch. Verrrrry tired at work today. I especially enjoyed hearing the 2 bands: Dry Branch Fire Squad and Remington Ryde.  They are both excellent bands, Remington Ryde has a VERY good fiddle player (he’s jolly & round and adds some great facial expressions to his fiddlin’.  He was excellent. I talked to the banjo player & lead singer from Remington before their Saturday night closing show. The banjo player is a preacher & so I couldn’t help myself to ask him if he used the REAL bible (the King James)  We talked for about 20 minutes & he said he “enjoyed being challenged” about his faith.  I had requested they play “Orange Blossom Special” but he said they had done it Friday before I arrived. But during the show that night, with me in the 2nd row, they pointed me out and said, “This one’s for you, Barb”  (Yay!) They did the last rip of it as their closing.  I was honored.

Also during the weekend, Ernie’s band, Florida State Bluegrass Band filled in for one of the schedule changes and they had their banjo player’s  2 twin 7-year-old sons come out with their guitars and they totally stole the show. It was a hoot!

Sunday morning there were only a handful of folks come out to give praise to the Lord, but it was nice.  (Heck, where 2 or more are gathered, so is Jesus in their midst) Marilee Martinson and Jan Ladd — who I had met from sitting behind them the previous night at the show — were singing gospel.  They heard me singing from my chair and asked me if I’d like to come up up sing one in the microphone. Ha! I am NOT a singer! LOL. So I politely declined, but they insisted, and in my ever-so-shy personality, I figured, what the heck, there were only a handful of people there (12 I think) so I sang Amazing Grace and it was fun!  I could hear how shaky my voice was, but I got thru it ok.  And made a few new friends.

Later Sunday as I was packing up the cottage camper, a car stopped at my site and I recognized the 2 little boys in the back seat = it was the banjo player Josh’s 2 twin boys.  The grandmom asked me if they could come see my camper & of course, I loved giving the “50 cent tour.” They were polite & even raised their hand when they had a question. It was adorable. Anyway, I think they’ll remember me too “next time” and hopefully I’ll have more finished on it to show them.

Well, last week before hitting Waldo I tacked up the last piece of my walls & ceiling panels on the interior.  It looks beautiful, if I do say so!  I am in the process of editing a few video clips together to post it up to my growing youtube channel (I have 137 subscribers now, woohoo!)  — Are you one yet?

It’s my goal this week to put that video up — it really makes a difference inside without all the ugly insulation exposed! And all the loose wiring is hidden inside the walls now.  And my roof isn’t leaking! YAY.


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