Cottage Camper at bluegrass festival

Welcome to . . . . . . . . Cottage Camper

Glad you stopped by to see our progress!
This is the story of my DIY homemade trailer I lovingly call
~~  The Cottage Camper  ~~

You can see ALL the updates at our video channel on YouTube.
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Cottage Camper low roof
Rear view before the renovation


Here’s the way it looked about a year ago. It was only 4 feet tall and I used it only as a cargo trailer (naked interior).





Then I decided to convert it into a camper so I lifted off the roof and bumped it up to a 6 ft peak. I added upper windows and painted the roof white to reflect some of the Florida sun.


Cottage Camper at bluegrass festival

Just back from another bluegrass festival in Arcadia, Florida.  Gorgeous weather & a nice shady spot under the live Oaks with whispy spanish moss dangling in the breeze. “The Boys” really enjoyed sitting on our “porch” and listening to all the great music.  MANY people stopped to take the tour of our little cottage in progress! We were the highlight of the weekend!

Go check out our youtube channel & subscribe for updates on the build progress & tours of the interior.

Thanks for coming!


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